Meetup thinks you’re Super


The Colorado Tech Sales Roundtable was started in May of 2015.  Word about our meetings at the Commons on Champa was word-of-mouth through CTA Volunteers.  I tried various platforms as an on-line home to schedule events and track messages.  Nothing really clicked until I started using Meetup in August of that year.  We quickly rose to 50+ members and I had to start paying for a premium account on their platform.  At this point I knew we were onto something.  Adding James Foy as a co-organizer in 2016 absolutely put ‘jumper cables’ on the group and our member numbers soared to 500+  within a couple of years.  James also helped bring an important change in format: from moderated discussions around professional development in sales to more presenters and panel discussions.  In 2018, Samuel Thomas Elliott asked to take our concept to Colorado Springs and has expanded our presence in Colorado.  It is called the Colorado Technology Sales Roundtable for a reason, after Meetup Analytics December 2018all, not the Denver Tech Sales Meetup.

All this has paid off.  At this writing, our member numbers are 650+ and adding a member every day or two.  Our members have given us 78 five-star reviews (and one four star) and we’re going to keep having events every month for the foreseeable future.  Meetup has noticed this and granted us Super-Group Status.

The analytics are great.  People are finding this group impactful on their careers and professional development.  Our members are also pointing out that we’re making everyone feel at home.  I’m excited about where this meetup is going to go in the future.