Looking ahead to 2019 events

Thursday, January 10th Convercent is hosting Built In Brews. Always a valuable, high quality event. Walk-ups will not be permitted at this event. You must be registered to attend.Built_in_brews

My own Meetup, the Colorado Tech Sales Roundtable, Denver Chapter, has grown out of our 2018 location at Lustre Pearl.  We’re moving our events to Venture X Co-Working space for 2019.  Out-growing Lustre Pearl is great problem to have.  Also, Venture X may be more convenient for those coming in from South of Denver.  It’s in the same Plaza as the Dave & Busters at I-25 & Colorado Blvd.


This space is really ideal for meetups & we were lucky that their community organizer, Michael Patton, gave us a tour this week.  The space is at once far more elegant than Denver’s other co-working spaces I have visited, and it is uniquely Colorado in it’s classic southwest style.  Parking is very easy, RTD is 100 yards away and we’d need 5X of our current members to RSVP at once to outgrow their space.  We’re excited to have Venture X as our hosting sponsor for the foreseeable future.

If you are in the market for co-working space in Denver, Venture X is offering a different user experience than other companies in the area.  Check them out.  One unique aspect to Venture X is their location.  They are not downtown; if you are hiring talent south of Denver, their commute to Venture X will be far easier, either by car or RTD.


On January 15th, Our Colorado Springs Chapter is hosting the Sales Recruiter Roundtable.  Please bring your business cards to this event.  This event has been held three times in Denver and  it’s been one of our best-attended events in the Denver chapter.  I’m excited to help Samuel host this event in the ‘Springs.  This event is hosted at the Epicentral Co-Working space in downtown Colorado Springs.

colorado springs epicentral