The Colorado Technology Sales Roundtable

My meetup started on a whim in 2015.  It’s since grown to far more than I ever anticipated.  The group was growing at a comfortable pace, with 10 to 20 people showing up most of the time.  Enter James Foy.   James basically took my networking / professional development group and set jumper cables to the meetup

Next month we are having a presentation on Selling to the CFO. presented by Stu Lucko, a serial entrepreneur and CFO.  Here is a de-brief of our March meetup, held in the Mezzanine of hip RiNo hotspot Lustre Pearl.

The group now has 400+ members, on a fast track to break the 500 mark soon.  The fascinating thing about running a meetup like this, as you give your time and energy to the technology community in Denver, the community gives back.  Establishing a mission to “Put the ‘professional’ back into ‘sales professional’.” can elevate a Sales Professional into a thought leader of the community.  IT’s become one of the most rewarding efforts of my professional career.  Will you join me?  Our next event is April 9th.  We provide Pizza from Vero’s Pizza.

How to sell and make your business case to the CFO

Monday, Apr 9, 2018, 5:30 PM

Lustre Pearl
1315 26th st Denver , CO

13 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

You want the money now how do you get the gatekeeper of the vault to pony up? Please join Colorado Technology Sales Roundtable as we get a chance try to understand how to present and better understand the sales process through the eyes of a veteran CFO of what he is looking for and what to avoid. Our presenter will be Stu Lucko who has led companie…

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