C-Level at Mile High, March 15th, 2018

Upon moving to Colorado in 2013, the first networking group I was introduced to was the Colorado Technology Association, a.k.a. the ‘CTA’.  They have had a significant impact on the 4 and 1/2 years since then.   They’re a unique public/private partnership that advances the interests of the Denver tech community and facilitates a lot of networking among the community.  C-Level is the groups signature event.  It is a setting where Technology Leaders (the C-Level, CTO, CIO, CFO, etc) interact with Technology Sales Professionals in a relaxed setting.

The event is coming up next week.  to participate, check out: https://coloradotechnology.org/events/c-level-mile-high/ 

Next week is rather hectic.  Here is a shameless plug for my meetup, providing an overview of Sandler Sales methodology on Monday night  Yup, March 12th.

This meetup is actually derivative of the CTA.  Myself and another CTA volunteer were brainstorming on how to have the sales professionals collaborate more effectively.  This meetup has taken on a life of its own,  411 members strong at last count.  These groups have a great side effect of making one a thought leader in the tech community, not just a Sales Professional.  More on this in future posts.


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