Coronavirus, the elephant in the Zoom session meeting room

Many of us sales professionals have had a big hole punched in our pipelines & forecasts over the past couple of weeks.  So, what to do about it?photo-1584474263418-b947971ef9dc

Having an issue like this is one thing, however, those among us fortunate enough to work for seasoned sales leadership will have an opportunity to do something about it.  The word ‘responsible’ is a combo of the words ‘response’ and ‘able’, able to respond, over merely flinching and reacting.  Our sales tactics and strategies need to be adapted, we need to respond to this crisis with a plan going forward.  Having an issue shouldn’t be an issue as long as you are pro-active and responsible about presenting a plan to resolve this situation.

For those of you under extra pressure, get a plan together and work that plan with your sales leadership.  Do this ASAP.  Work the plan, adjust the plan and keep working the plan.


I’ve been sitting in on a few webinars on how to sell remotely, how to sell during this crisis.  Some point to this being a great time to get back to basic cold prospecting.  Get your prospects cell phone numbers and reach out to them.  Some people are craving some real contact over email or text.


If you can identify the right prospects to reach out to, pro-actively send them LinkedIn invites with a short, but thoughtful intro line that will encourage them to respond.  LinkedIn caps your open invites to 3000 at a time, so use them!  Your LinkedIn network won’t tap out until you hit 30,000 contacts.

Strategically, your outreach and messaging needs to adjust.

  1. Think like a CFO – think about how do you affect the ROI.
  2. Acknowledge times are tough.
  3. Go through whole pipeline and re-qualify EVERYTHING.
    1. Have another discovery call.
  4. Lead with Empathy “Sounds like a stressful time for you?”
  5. Lead the call – if there is noise, call it out and mute it
  6. “Be the Expert” a’la Challenger Sales style.
    1. If you are not familiar with Challenger Sales, buy the book or search YouTube for tutorials.
    2. I know not everyone will agree with that specific methodology, but I find it useful in the tech sector, where we often find ourselves presenting IT executives with new ideas and ways of doing things.


  1. Dress well for Zoom sessions
  2. Camera ON and at eye level
  3. Have the room light in front of you, not behind you, use natural light if possible.
  4. The Economist half-jokingly said that you should have your home office backdrop  include bookshelves or wall hangings, not your TV as the size of your home TV is in inverse proportion to your social standing.

MODIFY YOUR CONNECT QUESTIONS – how has the virus / quarantine affected….

  1. Buyer
  2. Company
  3. Marketplace
  4. Industry

“Hey, how are things, everyone there holding up?”

So, lets get back to basics, call your prospects cell phones, acknowledge we are in some strange days and quickly move into business.  Set in-person meetings for 90+ days out but start the sales conversations today.

Yours in Sales,

Bob & the CTSP.


Denver Growth Hackers – Tonight, January 16th

2019 Kickoff Party!

Wednesday, Jan 16, 2019, 5:30 PM

Venture X
2000 S. Colorado Blvd Denver, co

58 Members Attending

What we’ll do: This is the Official Denver Growth Hackers 2019 Kickoff Party! Get 2019 started with the best foot possible (I’m right footed so that’s my best foot..). This group is full of business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, sales professionals, total nut cases (myself included) and others seeking personal or business growth. This event is …

Check out this Meetup →


Another worthy event coming up from our friends at Built In Colorado:

Built In Colorado’s Top Companies Hiring

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019, 5:30 PM

New Space Gallery
400 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO

11 technologists Attending

Registration is required for this event. RSVPing on Meetup does not constitute registration. Please note, walkups will not be permitted. Get yours here: Show your career a little love at Top Companies Hiring, presented by Built In Colorado. Top Companies Hiring is your opportunity to get to know 6 of Colorado’s most exciting s…

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Get face-to-face with these companies: Adtaxi, Alto Pharmacy, Matillion, OnDeck, Percolate, Rogue Wave Software

Our 2019 Meetup Schedule…so far

Is your New Years Resolution to up your game as a Sales Processional?  Come check out one of our events.  If you are interested in speaking, Q4 is still open.

Cold Calling 101 revised-new perspectives

Monday, Jan 14, 2019, 5:30 PM

Venture X
2000 S Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO

56 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

James will giving an update on his previous presentation. Here is what to expect this time. The things that sales can not control but must ensure is working How to properly get respect and give respect in the cold call Know when to say until next time we talk Pipeline Metrics A role play from a willing audience member (Still in development)

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Successful Sales Blogging

Monday, Feb 11, 2019, 5:30 PM

Venture X Denver
2000 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, co

16 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

Successful Sales Blogging What if you could reach out to your customers and prospects with useful soft-sell information that builds mindshare and trust? LinkedIn and your company blog can help you make it happen. In this interactive session, you will learn what people are writing about, how and how often they blog, who they target, and why they kee…

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Sales Recruiter Roundtable-Colorado Springs Edition

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019, 5:30 PM

415 N Tejon St Colorado Springs, CO

11 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

Come out to meet recruiters and other tech leaders that will tell you what to do and what you should avoid in the hiring process

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Colorado Tech Scene Discussion with Colorado TechCast host Trapper Little

Monday, Mar 11, 2019, 5:30 PM

Venture X Denver
2000 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, co

8 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

Trapper Little hosts the Colorado TechCast podcast, interviewing business leaders in Colorado on a regular basis. We will moderate a discussion on where the tech scene is in Colorado and discuss trends and opportunities for sales professionals. You can check out the podcast here: or go straight to the Podcast link …

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What a Salesperson needs to know to work in a Bootstrap Startup

Monday, Apr 8, 2019, 6:00 PM

Venture X Denver
2000 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, co

7 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

Please join Eric Wu, the former CEO of Bracket Labs a top ten app on the Salesforce exchange. While CEO of Bracket Labs Eric helped lead this Startup from its infancy to a top 10 app and one that should have $4 million in annual recurring revenue at the end of 2018.

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Customer Success-A lot more than follow up sales and implementation

Monday, May 13, 2019, 6:00 PM

Venture X Denver South
2000 S Colorado Blvd Tower 1 Suite 2000 Denver, CO

12 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

Please join Patricia Saunders, Vice President of Customer Success at Convercent as she reflects on her twenty plus years of experience on where customer success has come from, where it is at and what it may look like in the future.

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The 2019 Sales Recruiter Panel Discussion

Monday, Jun 10, 2019, 5:30 PM

Lustre Pearl
1315 26th st Denver , CO

7 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

June 2019 is our meetups third annual Sales Recruiter Panel Discussion. The 2017 and 2018 events were successes and we expect 2019 to be huge. Bring a stack of business cards and connect with Sales Recruiters from various facets of the Denver Recruiting Scene. Learn what is on their minds RE: trends in the Denver market and advise they have for job…

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Summer Bash-Time for cocktails & good food.

Monday, Aug 12, 2019, 5:00 PM

The Glasshouse
1700 Bassett Street Denver, CO

9 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

Glasshouse Pool area, weather permitting. No Agenda, just a social get-together & talk shop.

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Sales Training & New Years Resolutions

Just like Doctors, Lawyers or Engineers, us Sales Professionals are, above all else, professionals.  As such we have to up our game and learn as much as we can, new ideas, new thinking in our chosen profession.  If not, we’re falling behind the competition we face every day out there in the field. Sandler is offering a year of their training library for free here: 

Submarine 3C, 2016_0

So, what is your new years resolution?  Mine is to invest in myself.  I’ve been through Sandler training before and it is valuable in the sophisticated sales process.

Sales Cycle Infographic

Want the in-person experience?  The Denver resource to go to is Dan Levitt, who has presented at my meetup before:

Dan Levitt Achievement Dynamics


Meetup thinks you’re Super


The Colorado Tech Sales Roundtable was started in May of 2015.  Word about our meetings at the Commons on Champa was word-of-mouth through CTA Volunteers.  I tried various platforms as an on-line home to schedule events and track messages.  Nothing really clicked until I started using Meetup in August of that year.  We quickly rose to 50+ members and I had to start paying for a premium account on their platform.  At this point I knew we were onto something.  Adding James Foy as a co-organizer in 2016 absolutely put ‘jumper cables’ on the group and our member numbers soared to 500+  within a couple of years.  James also helped bring an important change in format: from moderated discussions around professional development in sales to more presenters and panel discussions.  In 2018, Samuel Thomas Elliott asked to take our concept to Colorado Springs and has expanded our presence in Colorado.  It is called the Colorado Technology Sales Roundtable for a reason, after Meetup Analytics December 2018all, not the Denver Tech Sales Meetup.

All this has paid off.  At this writing, our member numbers are 650+ and adding a member every day or two.  Our members have given us 78 five-star reviews (and one four star) and we’re going to keep having events every month for the foreseeable future.  Meetup has noticed this and granted us Super-Group Status.

The analytics are great.  People are finding this group impactful on their careers and professional development.  Our members are also pointing out that we’re making everyone feel at home.  I’m excited about where this meetup is going to go in the future.

Looking ahead to 2019 events

Thursday, January 10th Convercent is hosting Built In Brews. Always a valuable, high quality event. Walk-ups will not be permitted at this event. You must be registered to attend.Built_in_brews

My own Meetup, the Colorado Tech Sales Roundtable, Denver Chapter, has grown out of our 2018 location at Lustre Pearl.  We’re moving our events to Venture X Co-Working space for 2019.  Out-growing Lustre Pearl is great problem to have.  Also, Venture X may be more convenient for those coming in from South of Denver.  It’s in the same Plaza as the Dave & Busters at I-25 & Colorado Blvd.


This space is really ideal for meetups & we were lucky that their community organizer, Michael Patton, gave us a tour this week.  The space is at once far more elegant than Denver’s other co-working spaces I have visited, and it is uniquely Colorado in it’s classic southwest style.  Parking is very easy, RTD is 100 yards away and we’d need 5X of our current members to RSVP at once to outgrow their space.  We’re excited to have Venture X as our hosting sponsor for the foreseeable future.

If you are in the market for co-working space in Denver, Venture X is offering a different user experience than other companies in the area.  Check them out.  One unique aspect to Venture X is their location.  They are not downtown; if you are hiring talent south of Denver, their commute to Venture X will be far easier, either by car or RTD.


On January 15th, Our Colorado Springs Chapter is hosting the Sales Recruiter Roundtable.  Please bring your business cards to this event.  This event has been held three times in Denver and  it’s been one of our best-attended events in the Denver chapter.  I’m excited to help Samuel host this event in the ‘Springs.  This event is hosted at the Epicentral Co-Working space in downtown Colorado Springs.

colorado springs epicentral

Colorado Technology Sales Roundtable: Two November events in Denver and Colorado Springs

On November 12th, we return to Lustre Pearl in Denver’s RiNo District for a talk with Anthony Franco:

Stop Selling and Start Serving your Customers Needs

Anthony will discuss something at the core of our communities mission of professional development. “Become a better sales professional: stop talking about your product / service and start addressing and solving their business goals and financial goals.”

Anthony Franco BioPic_HirRes

On November 13th, our Colorado Springs Chapter is hosting Leif Ulman CEO and Co-founder of KidReports. Leif overcame the challenges of selling a new product to an industry. When KidReports first started selling their software platform, their biggest competition was the status quo.

colorado springs epicentral

Selling a New/Disruptive Product

In charge of enterprise and corporate sales, Leif and his team listened to their customers in order to adapt the product and learn the best way to sell to the customer’s needs. After 6 years, Leif and KidReports were acquired by the company that grew to be their largest competitor.

The venue is Epicentral on North Tejon.

Epicentral 03

Denver Startup Week recap and a Sandler webinar for women in Sales

Our Denver Startup Week Session was a success.  with 177 RSVPs, we had 50+ in attendance at 8AM on DSW’s Friday morning.  This was remarkable as the attendees were up against horrendous traffic caused by police tape covering an eight-city-block scene nearby from the prior night in Downtown Denver.

Our panelists:


We sent the slide deck to the mailing list, but there were several email bounce-backs, so, apologies if you didn’t actually receive it.  For those looking for the slide deck, a PDF can be found here: DSW Sales WTH Presentation

The Moderators:

Our Fantastic Support Staff:


One other item; Last-minute webinar for women in Sales, from Dan Levitt of Sandler Training:


Denver Startup Week

We have some great panelists for our DSW presentation next week.

In anticipation of some folks moving a little slow the morning after the Thursday night party at Beta, we’re rolling out a Bloody Mary bar.  We’ll understand if you have to take a nap Friday afternoon.  Coffee will be on hand, too. Personal Energy Drink favorite: Monster Zero.


Be sure to register here:


While we are self-funding the BMB, we still have a huge shout-out to the sponsors of Denver startup Week.


Our TIPS Certified servers will be ready to get your Friday at CSW off to the right start.  We’re planning on standard ingredients, plus bacon  Any special requests?  Please email, call or text.  🙂