Tech Hops

Since moving to Colorado in 2013, I’ve attended a variety of networking events.  One of the most upbeat and fun among them is ‘Tech Hops’

tap 14 Denver June 2018

The folks at David, Graham & Stubbs sponsor this fun series of events, combining networking with craft beer.  They have a knack for picking out the best brewers and craft beer venues in Denver.  Their events have been (among many others) at Prost Brewing, Epic Brewing, First Draft and next month they are at Tap XIV in LoDo.

I’ve come away from each event with new contacts, new ideas and have been able to help out folks I have met, too.  The Attorneys at DGS are also business advisers and get to interact with some promising members of the Colorado Tech scene.  Check it out.

Denver Startup Week Update – I submitted an event and need your vote.

Here is a great excuse to register for Denver Startup Week: I just submitted a talk and would really appreciate your support by voting for my submission!

The talk is about startups & the decisions they have to make as they ramp up a sales organization.

Please click here and register for Denver Startup Week 2018.

Denver startup week photo credit to Colorado Biz

Denver startup week photo credit to Colorado Biz

We are hoping to foster huge support for our meetup and gain some additional visibility for our group.

***Note: Voting is open until Friday, May 18th.  ***
Please pass this along to grow the support!
Thank you all so much!

Process Automation & Productivity

I was chatting with a retired neighbor this weekend who asked about the new company I’m working for, starting today; OneDataSource. I gave the overview of ‘Process Automation’ in AP, how this company reduces overhead in AP processes by 80%.

ODS Workflow

He got it & shared how, back in the day, his construction company had to do something similar with payroll. It took four full time employees to manage payroll for a company of 160. Outsourcing that process to a service like ADP could have cut their own payroll for that function, it could have redirected many other resources for the company that were actually focused on their business of construction: the capital, benefits, the space in the office, etc. This doesn’t even cover the time value of money. If you can turn around a process in 15 hours instead of 100, the resources that are devoted to that process see a productivity increase of 500%. A business leader has more options at that point. What to do with those resources? They can redirect employees to more productive tasks, reassign them to other departments (there is a huge value to keeping someone on board who possesses the institutional knowledge of how a company works) or reduce your headcount if that is a priority.

ODS developed the onePAY software and service to deliver a simple and automated solution that enables companies to grow significantly with the resources they already have, or in some cases, with fewer. One AP person is now able to process hundreds, even thousands of invoices in 1/5 the time, and still have the bandwidth for other vendor management needs. OneDataSource often sees this traditional AP staff ‘data entry’ role convert to a higher value-add analytics role.

Simply put, onePAY automates the AP process, reducing the required labor-hours and associated costs up to 80%, and providing increased visibility into expenses and cash flow. ODS’s team of engineers and business analysts monitor the software and team’s performance to ensure the client gets the maximum ROI possible.

OneDataSource is a SaaS Business Intelligence/Business Process Automation solutions serving operational, accounting, data warehousing, HR and marketing analysis needs of organizations across North America. Solving the technology puzzle for both mid-sized and enterprise businesses, we guide our clients from the world of spreadsheets and manual data entry to fully automated data acquisition, warehousing, processing and analysis.

The company has a strong niche in multi-unit franchise operations. I’m excited to see where things go from here.  I’ve been tasked with taking the company beyond this vertical.

ODS Case Study

Selling to the CFO, a meetup recap

One of the greatest challenges in Enterprise Technology Sales or most other B2B sales is getting access to the ‘C-Suite’ and making sure you are relevant to the true ‘Person(s) of Authority’ within an organization.  Tonight we had Stu Lucko lead a discussion on what separated sales professionals from salespeople.

The gist of the talk was that a sales pro needs to listen to financial executives and truly seek to understand their business concerns around operational issues.  They’re looking for someone who will really partner with them and solve problems so they are getting value out of the solutions at hand.

Part One, seen here, Stu talks about a personal case study with a rep who got it right and also what a sales professional needs to do to get the attention of a CFO.

Why is this important?  IT Executives like VPs os IT, CTO’s and CIO’s often have the companies biggest budget outlays behind payroll.  These IT Executives often report through the CFO to the CEO.  They are intimately involved in the enterprise technology decision making process.  You can call this a ‘holistic’ view, a ‘birds eye’ view, the C-Suite is the place in a company where hardware, software, processes and people all come together.

Stu also dives into dreaded ‘switch-over costs’ from the CFO’s point of view.  CFO’s are looking for more than promised ‘cost savings’ in the solutions that we pitch to them.  They’re looking at the big picture, especially costs associated with disrupting their business processes.

“The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” – L.P. Hartley



Denver Startup Week 2018, Save The Date

Mark your calendars for September 24th to the 28th, 2018.  Last week there was a kick-off for Startup week at Industry in RiNo last week. (below)Denver Startup Week Kickoff March 2018

The main event is in late September, still a summer month in Denver, but everyone is back to work.  What to know: there are multiple events each day, so many that you cannot possibly attend them all, unless you can be in two or three or four places at once, back-to-back for an entire week.

DSW Banner

There are multiple tracks and types of events.  The day-time sessions are fantastic, but for some of us, we can only attend the after-hours events.  The after-work events can be seminars or happy hours, some in the cities coolest nightlife venues.  The social events are also where some of the best networking can happen.

When the schedule gets published, take a look at the various tracks.

  • Product
  • Maker
  • Growth
  • Founder
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Headline Events

Yes, something for everyone.  My favorite event last year was a shark tank spoof of comedians and entrepreneurs pitching ridiculous business ideas.  Since stand-up & improv is a great way to develop ones communications skills, this was a great take-in.

See you there! (more to come later this year)

The Colorado Technology Sales Roundtable

My meetup started on a whim in 2015.  It’s since grown to far more than I ever anticipated.  The group was growing at a comfortable pace, with 10 to 20 people showing up most of the time.  Enter James Foy.   James basically took my networking / professional development group and set jumper cables to the meetup

Next month we are having a presentation on Selling to the CFO. presented by Stu Lucko, a serial entrepreneur and CFO.  Here is a de-brief of our March meetup, held in the Mezzanine of hip RiNo hotspot Lustre Pearl.

The group now has 400+ members, on a fast track to break the 500 mark soon.  The fascinating thing about running a meetup like this, as you give your time and energy to the technology community in Denver, the community gives back.  Establishing a mission to “Put the ‘professional’ back into ‘sales professional’.” can elevate a Sales Professional into a thought leader of the community.  IT’s become one of the most rewarding efforts of my professional career.  Will you join me?  Our next event is April 9th.  We provide Pizza from Vero’s Pizza.

How to sell and make your business case to the CFO

Monday, Apr 9, 2018, 5:30 PM

Lustre Pearl
1315 26th st Denver , CO

13 Technology Sales Professionals Attending

You want the money now how do you get the gatekeeper of the vault to pony up? Please join Colorado Technology Sales Roundtable as we get a chance try to understand how to present and better understand the sales process through the eyes of a veteran CFO of what he is looking for and what to avoid. Our presenter will be Stu Lucko who has led companie…

Check out this Meetup →


C-Level at Mile High, March 15th, 2018

Upon moving to Colorado in 2013, the first networking group I was introduced to was the Colorado Technology Association, a.k.a. the ‘CTA’.  They have had a significant impact on the 4 and 1/2 years since then.   They’re a unique public/private partnership that advances the interests of the Denver tech community and facilitates a lot of networking among the community.  C-Level is the groups signature event.  It is a setting where Technology Leaders (the C-Level, CTO, CIO, CFO, etc) interact with Technology Sales Professionals in a relaxed setting.

The event is coming up next week.  to participate, check out: 

Next week is rather hectic.  Here is a shameless plug for my meetup, providing an overview of Sandler Sales methodology on Monday night  Yup, March 12th.

This meetup is actually derivative of the CTA.  Myself and another CTA volunteer were brainstorming on how to have the sales professionals collaborate more effectively.  This meetup has taken on a life of its own,  411 members strong at last count.  These groups have a great side effect of making one a thought leader in the tech community, not just a Sales Professional.  More on this in future posts.