Job hunting during COVID-19

We had a great webinar last week. Here are the notes from the event:

• Small companies are in a hiring freeze, but there are exceptions…just ask Jordan.
• Large companies are hiring, but this needs to be qualified:
Is the req. for real?
Are they actually hiring for the position? “Actively interviewing”…or not. Some companies have lots of posted requisitions but are only hiring for a small % of them.


  1. Find the req.
  2. Have a contact of yours who works at your target company submit the resume. Send them the req. # and your current email and a cover letter to submit on your behalf.
  3. Follow up
  4. Find out from your contact if the req. is for real
  5. More follow up – you’re in sales and you’re selling your sales talent, after all.
  6. If you con’t have a contact at a target company, make some. (Details on how to do that below)

Video Interviewing – you are still making an impression…visually, personalty, body language, etc.
o Wear a suit and tie
o Check your backdrop, design it, change it, look at TV correspondents’ backdrops on the news and take notes from them – i.e. bookcases instead of a TV behind you.
o Have the camera level with your eyes
o Keep your video conferencing software updated. (Zoom AND Webex AND MS Teams, AND Blue Jeans AND GoToMeeting…test out the software ahead of each video interview. Nothing will derail an interview faster than a video app that needs updates 3 minutes before it’s suppose to go live, like extensions that needed to be added to your browser.
o Lighting – be front lit, lots of light. Having light behind you will produce a silhouette that will produce a horrible image.
o You may need to exaggerate body language, hand motions, facial expressions.


  1. Contact Jordan here:
  2. Reach out to Bob for a one-on-one chat here:


LinkedIn Jobs




These are useful so you can be found, rather than find roles out there.


  1. Physical Fitness. – do not neglect your health during a job hunt. All the worlds health advise, I am convinced, boils down to “Eat right & exercise” A lot of us have bad habits to deal with stress and over-work. So, get outside once a day at least, walk a mile, go on an evening hike, return to your gym, if you can do so safely.
  2. Never stop networking. Make it a habit to reach out to a few people (at target companies) per day on LinkedIn. Have a few canned outgoing messages like: “Hi __, I’d like to join your network as a fellow ____ alum in the tech sector.” or “Hi _, I’d like to connect with you as I am looking at sales roles in ______. Do you have time for a call later this week or next week? Thank you!”
  3. Stay in touch with your tech sales community through my meetup: and ask ‘How can I help out?’

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