Trying something new with the meetups

Jason, my co-organizer, and I were brainstorming about programming ideas for 2023. An idea we settled on was to try sales “skill workshops”. This as opposed to the typical ‘guest speaker’ or ‘panel discussion’ format we’ve had recently.

FIrst up in April is the Elevator Pitch Workshop. Sign up here:

Our May 22nd event will all about ‘Goal Setting’ Sign up here:

Our June event, scheduling TBD, will be the ‘Sales Escape Room’ No, we won’t be having anyone locked up at Venture X’s conference rooms, but it should still be fun. Stay tuned for a link to this event, once we hammer out the details.

As always, is anyone reading this has ideas to present, or other feedback, please feel free to call or ask for time on my calendar.

One other event we have to promote: C-Level at Mile high. THE event to be at this year.

C-Level at Mile High on May 11th. $450 and totally worth it.

Register here: