What is your 2019 Reading List?

Below are some of the sales and business books I have found helpful over the past few years.  Where possible, I’ve included links to Amazon and the Denver Public Library.

The Denver Public Library is a real treat.  Before moving to Colorado in 2013, it had been years since I darkened the doors of any library, maybe the Bentley College library was the last one I had visited.  The DPL on-line catalog is great.  Many of these books are available in audio-book formats,, “Books on CD” as well as eBook and audio eBook formats.  I love not having clutter in my home, so borrowing a book for only as long as it takes to read it is great.  Our tax dollars pay for the library, so we may as well use it, right?

The DLP is a library of the 21st century: the experience is extremely time efficient.  You don’t have to spend time combing the shelves for the books or Books on CD: There is a fantastic ‘hold’ service through their online catalog where librarians find the books you’ve requested to ‘hold’.  Books of Books on CD are set on a shelf in a room just off the Library Lobby, alphabetical by the borrowers name.  They text or email you when the book(s) are available,

  • The Challenger Sale | Amazon | DPL
  • The Challenger Customer | Amazon | DPL
  • Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Bible | Amazon | DPL
  • The Science of Selling | Amazon | DPL
  • The Sandler Rules | Amazon | DPL
  • You can’t teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar. | Amazon | DPL not available.
  • Thinking Fast and Slow | Amazon | DPL
  • The Like Switch | Amazon | DPL

You’ll see a ‘place hold’ button on the DPL pages.  These should keep you busy through 2019.  Please let me know about other books that I should add to this list.